Sunday, 20 March 2016

Best products for naturally curly hair

I have been straightening my hair for about 5 years and for the past 2 years probably haven't had my hair natural for one or two days at most. However, I decided that this needed to change.
After watching an abundance of Youtubers talk about their 'curly hair journeys' and what products they recommend. After watching and reading hours of this I decided to do my own recommendations for those wanting to start to wear their hair natural.

1. Palmers Olive Oil formular- leave in conditioner £3.99
I purchased this online as I wanted a non-sticky leave in conditioner to nourish the ends of my hair, I try hard to focus a lot of my time on the ends of my hair as this is the oldest part of hair so likely to be the most damaged. I just spray it on the ends of my hair and avoid the roots as the olive oil would make them feel unclean. It is very nourishing and is a quick fix for dry days.

2. Umberto Giannini Curl Friends- Defining Mousse £5.50
I bought this from boots not too long ago as I had read online that it would ensure to define your curls without making your hair feel crispy {if you have curly hair you will have had the awfulness of this}. The can is also really pretty. I really like this mousse, as it is much better than many I've used before. It is lightly fragranced a light and unstick formula which you can definitely tell once it is in your hair. I really like this and cannot wait to try more of the range as it is all well priced and very highly rated.

3. Tigi Bed Head Ego Boost £7.50

I have had this product for years as I only apply a tiny bit to the fronts of my hair where my parting is to attempt to tame the fly-aways in that area. It is a nice constancy as it is quite watered down so does not sit on your hair. It can be a bit sticky however so I do not use too much to ensure the front of my hair still has the movement I like.

4. Superdrug style expertise curl cream £2.99

This is really good if you are on a budget, the creme is quite sticky and hold curls in well. It can leave hair a little crispy if too much is put in however it is still a good and usable product. It gives curls that hold well, ideal if you won't have time to touch up your curls throughout the day.

5. Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Strong Roots Spray £3.50
I decided to buy this spray to moisturise my scalp as I started to find it was getting slightly dry which was really annoying and meant I had to be careful at how I was tying my hair up.
This was a stress I did not want so bought this on a whim in the supermarket and it turned out to be absolutely amazing. It smells really lovely due to the coconut oil in it and it does not grease your hair as it is so light. With a few spritzes and a quick scalp massage your scalp will be so soothed and it can also be applied all throughout the hair to freshen hair up.
I definitely recommend this as it will ensure healthy hair from the roots.

6.  Coconut oil £12 (Not in the image above)
Coconut oil is very well known as being an amazing nourisher for skin and hair due to the fatty acids in it. Once a week I warm up some and use it as a deep conditioner, applying it to the ends of my hair mainly before working it to the roots to nourish my scalp- I do this as the ends are the oldest so likely to be the most damaged. I then wash this out with a very gentle shampoo and it ensures my hair will be much more moisturised. 
I keep it in the fridge and only heat up the amount i'm using at the time and urge you to begin doing this as it it the deepest conditioner I have ever found.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

The worst person to exist ever?

I have come crawling back, my head hung in shame. I AM SORRY.
Possibly, I am the worst blogger of the bunch and I dropped my blog as soon as the dreaded exam season was approaching which was awful of me but I'm back and I'd like to say better than ever with a new look and more blog ideas under my sleeves. With around 80 days of summer which I have off to enjoy as of yesterday I plan on blogging a lot more than I have so far this year.
So, if you'll take me back I'd love to start talking to everyone again. I might even brush the dust off my twitter and get that started again.
See you again soon

Monday, 16 February 2015

R3tro crap

Hello my loves, 

To be frank, fashion wise my life is not going as well as I would like it to. I feel a bit basic recently, repressing my outfits which crave any effort and sticking for all black / dark ensembles which reflect my current mood. I pinkie promise to the fashion gods that I will get my life back on track and maybe start wearing my normal clothes again instead of the accidental goth phase I seem to be going for recently.

With February flying past I am feeling better about the world. With my year 11 exams slowly approaching I am definitely planning on making the most of this half term because any fun I have in Easter will feature the overhanging cloud of pressure to revise. This includes me doing more then just vegetating and online shopping, I plan to get out and visit the things I want to do. This week I am tackling to the Tate Modern (and take blog pictures) to feel arty and cultured (my two life aims.)

Saturday the 28th is the ever occurring London Fashion Week so I will be here to give you the full view behind the scenes of Somerset House, I'm really good at espionage so keep your eye out for my post (most likely on Sunday the 29th but don't hold me to it!)

Lots of love,
Lydia James

Current things on my mind include;
-why do birds fly south for winter
-what happens in our minds when we sleep
-do dogs ever cry

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Like the cool kids

(top- Asos, skirt- Topshop, watch-Michael Kors, shoes- New Balance, jacket- Urban Outfitters)


 Who am I kidding, I don't play tennis.
Never the less, we thought it would be a really nice place to take pictures. It was the perfect winters day with a strong sun and a nice chill in the air. My outfit was judged by the many dog walkers who were all bundled in layers of jackets and scarfs but I had fun anyway. Winter vibes and all that.

I got a new camera for christmas and it's so pretty I just want to take pictures of it. Its a fuji film and it's so perfect for what I use it for and it just takes the nicest pictures- I love it. My watch was also a christmas present, it's Michael Kors and I have no clue what it is called.

January is officially the most uninteresting month of the year and to make it better I'm trying to plan things to look forward to, so far I am failing however I do have planed a Clean Bandit concert as well as London Fashion Week A/W so I can't complain too much.

Lets all just hibernate until April.

Friday, 19 December 2014

We were born sick

Hello my loves,
Sorry I haven't been around too much recently and to be honest I have no excuse. I got rather overwhelmed with the sudden arrival of Christmas not to  long ago- somehow I missed a memo which means that  was (and still am) completely unprepared for Christmas. However, today saw the end of my school for 2014, a bittersweet feeling as I can honestly say 2014 has been the most magical year of my life. My close friends and I decided to head out on a day trip. 
I can't take credit for the camera however I took the majority of pictures.

Top- ASOS : Skirt- H&M : Coat- Primark : Shoes- New Balance

We went to Bricklane and Spittlefields (Wagamama duh.) In Bricklane I bought a jacket which my mother loaths, but that's the fun in fashion right, but I'm sure it will soon feature on my blog (or my instagram @lydia,james) with a pair of jeans and plain tshirt. 
Hope you liked these pictures as much as I did.

Friday, 21 November 2014

The one.

Hi petals,

If you haven't noticed, my blog is looking very different at the moment so I hope you like the design! 
Today's post is a link to a playlist of my favourite songs of the moment so to listen click here! or listen below.

Enjoy x

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Monday, 10 November 2014

Schizophrenogenesis // Say you'll remember me?


I had what most people would call an epiphany today. That at 15 I am an adolescent, something which is such an in between stage of life that it has its own name which is never used. I know that you're probably thinking, you've been a teenager since 13, why have you suddenly realised this? Well, I think that I've just felt like I have been acting like a teenager more recently and I don't mean that in the 'following the crowd' or 'being like the older kids.' I mean it in the way of independence way.  I'm not 100% sure how to even phrase it, but from my group trips to Starbucks to full on arranged parties I've been really happy recently and I'm, glad that I'm able to say that.

I decided to wear a skirt on Saturday which I've had since the end of summer now however I have only worn it twice, including today. I was planning on getting a similar skirt from Brick Lane, looking around everywhere for a short A line skirt, however in the end I got it from Primark when I was there shopping for tights and I'm glad I did seeing as it hasn't had many outings. I paired my tapestry skirt with a high neck, long sleeved black top which is slightly cropped, as well as some tights and my black Doc Marten shoes which I have been living it recently. My coat is also from Primark, seeing as a similar one from Topshop costs £70, I'm ecstatic with it.

Displaying altArYwh7gkTyKU-nF-5YA6wQomp2DXjdnj2DbSSsOyXMh-.jpg
Displaying altAhjpM9LjFSXg294qVGpgW6bzK7xgFP2q19qtO1IEJEHS.jpg

Displaying altAvbIe8l_ENKs8JEM0IB-NqZp4-ga4Rn0cpFahULBcMxs.jpg

Displaying 003.JPG
In my snaztastic outfit I went to see the new Damien Hirst exhibition, named Schizophrenogenesis, just next to the British museum on Museum Street. The gallery was a lot smaller than I had expected, no bigger than a room, but it was really cool with over sized tablets and medicine bottles and their packaging. If youre into art you should definitely go whilst it's still on. And it's free, if that helps.

Adolescent / adjective
(of a young person) in the process of developing from a child into an adult. 
E.g "many parents find it hard to understand their adolescent children"

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Where you been?

From left to right; Topshop, Newlook,, Adidas, Bobbi Brown, Bonadrag,com

Oddly I seem to wear more skirts in autumn then I do in summer. I think that in summer I live in shorts so when the weather is getting a little bit nipier than I love a skirt with a long sleeved top and a jacket, like the Urban Outfitters Harrington which i live in. As autumn is all about layering I really want a halterneck black top to wear with skinny jeans and boots as they are so cute and a lot better than just wearing a regular vest. 
The gold eyeshadow is my guilty pleasure. Glitter is the best thing e v e r so I really want a nice glitter eyeshadow- especially for parties. This Bobbi Brown one is quite hyped so hopefully I'll get it before the christmas parties start! 

Saturday, 25 October 2014

You're everything that I see

Recently I've been finding myself dreaming a lot more than usual. Whether this is because I have been forced to think more about the future by my school, due to sixth form open evenings starting soon, or the fact that this dreary weather has people acting weird. The past week or so just seems to have been one filled with anger, stress and general unhappiness throughout the entire school- which is weird seeing as this week was an okay one. Even the year sevens had an argument over another year seven, like really? You're 12.
Obviously I'm no trained psychiatrist but I blame it on the introductions of the cold winds this year something was in the air- and thankfully it wasn't ebola.

Maybe all this pent up anger was just looking forward to the half term which I am now enjoying. It has no comparison to summer, obviously, but I am enjoying getting to reunite myself with the clothes which I had pushed to the back of my wardrobe last march (when I declared it was spring.)

Anyways, I decided to make this post an inspiration post, because I think that we all need it to get through the weather transition!